Paprika and Fudge

Yesterday we had a friend visit.  We entertained him in our Paprika no .6 dining room.  This room was decorated by our teens when we were on vacation as a surprise.  Believe me it was a surprise!!
The rest of our house is soft colouring,  magnolia and themes of.  This room colour is kind of wacky and I love it.  Mr Him doesn't, it clashes with too many of his shirts.

The wine is  from a wine tasting event we went to recently.  It was a purchase that must of course be used and without delay!

The weather was warm enough in England to have the outside doors open.  Halloween saw temperatures in the UK of 23 C.  Normally we are bundled up in scarves and gloves at this time of year.  We had to have the door open to enjoy the novelty.  

As you can see a chair outside has made good use of the wine already!  So that's where more than half the bottle went before we had even sat down!  Mr Him, I apologise!

Today we also made use of  'homemade' salty caramel fudge from my favourite shopping channel. Homemade, well I mixed it and heated it and mixed it some more and cut it and ate it, all in my home.  

I also made use of clothes that handily I had in my wardrobe.   The necklace is from a channel that sells Jewellery and coincidentally matches the Kim & Co top from the other channel we love so much. 

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