Pictorial of Tenerife

As promised, dear reader, here is a simple blog of pretty holiday pictures. 

Our hotel was near a harbour. 

We visited this rustic beach bar a few times.

Hard Rock Cafe in Tenerife. We try to get to Hard Rock in every location we visit.  Last year it was Brussels and Manchester.  This year Tenerife. 

Similarities to Vegas (on sea) but then this town is called  Playa das Americas


Our  morning stroll up Red Mountain

and back down again..

Then to admire from a safe distance ie the bus stop. Yes we walked to that rock and back as well as up it. That's my exercise for 2015 done. 

Finally the view from our hotel bar at night. 

On the Lava Rocks

Dear reader, you have probably been wondering where I have been.  Well  Tenerife is where I have been.  Yes, Mr Him and I journeyed, for your delight,  on a plane for four and a half hours to  a bit of a way off the coast of Africa to seek some sunshine.  (You will be pleased to know, on a side note, that no one moved in whilst we were away.  It was risky I do grant you.)

This trip to Tenerife saw Mr Him expand his wardrobe.  He enlarged on his clothing theme by trying out the cocktail look, not dresses, that would have been far preferable I can tell you. 

On the very first night he dressed  as a Tequila Sunrise. Of course  I had to have one to prove the point.

However his attire was not the only drink display he had in store for me that evening.  He decided that he needed to demonstrate on the rocks to me.  I let him and sat back laughing as I much preferred the traditional interpretation.

Yes, that's him, the speck out there clambouring.  As for me, well you see the drink in the foreground, need I say more.

Mr Him realised that he had not impressed me so proceeded to show me another example of 'on the rocks.'    Shame about the plastic cups but you can't have everything.

This was not the only fun Mr Him had in store for me.

For my entertainment he danced amongst fountains,

he persuaded me I could do a Marylyn, (this wasn't so much a case of asunder, but desperately trying to keep ####under).

He went to great lengths, or weights, measures anyway, to show me that I hadn't put on weight on holiday.  Really I hadn't!

but just in case I had he had the consideration to make me climb this flippin' great rock, called Red Mountain, under the pretense of 'lets go for a morning stroll,'

I even managed it and reached the summit.

The culmination of this adventure was to walk along a nudist beach at the bottom of the rock.  Mr Him covered my eyes screaming don't look Mrs Mutton Years, don't look.

There aren't pictures for obvious reasons but I did capture these waves thrashing around in distress in the vicinity of said beach.  As you can see its a popular beach!!

On my next blog I will show you more picturesque pics of the island.

In the meantime, I am back in the UK but why let the fun stop.
Mr Him has bought a selection of freezer cocktails to inspire his autumn wardrobe choices.

However I have a better idea, I'm going to drink his colour pallet.

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