A halloween adventure with a Pumpkin Spiced Latte

Last week  I purchased a battery for my scales, a dog tag for my dog and 2 pumpkin spiced lattes.  This all came from my housekeeping budget so allowable.   I am trying to figure out how I can swing a fedora out of housekeeping but sadly not come up with a rational argument.  The purchase of the lattes is the most memorable.  The event being quite enough to tide me over for another week at least! 

Being Halloween  I had thought I would allow temptation to lead me to the coffee fountain called Starbucks.  Well I had seen Pumpkin spiced lattes advertised in the paper in the morning after all and what good shopaholic would ignore an advert, especially when you can say 'it is Halloween.'    I convinced a colleague too, I find guilt is spread more thinly the more people indulge, even if I was paying.  As I left the building  I saw an elderly man leaning on a walker staring at our office from across the road.  He called me over and asked whether I worked there.  'yes,' I said.

'I did once,' he told me, 'it did my head in!  Don't get stressed will you.'

I affirmed that I wouldn't and walked on.  Two lattes purchased and I returned to the office.  The gentleman had gone.  I took the lift and then with my hands occupied had to do the chest waving sway in front of the infrared to unlock the door with my pass.  This worked, as I knew it would, being a recognised technique of mine.  With lattes in hand I pulled on the door and Pumpkin spiced latte gushed forth over  my white shirt.  To describe it as a caramel geezer would be an understatement.   I hurried to my desk, deposited lattes and ran to clean up in the ladies.  This involved total saturation of my white shirt to transparent drenchedness.  I followed saturation with waving my chest once again but this time under the hand dryer.

So much for avoiding stress!  However remarkably my  Renee shoe scarf from my favourite channel did not have so much as a drip of coffee touch it.  Stress in the vicinity of my desk would have been stratospheric if it had.

As for the man and the walker,  I've never seen him before and so far not since.  Ok it's only one day but...

 A note of interest it is National Stress awareness  Day in the UK is on the 5th.  Who would figure it would be on Bonfire Day!

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