A young on line shopping Genius

I may be 'resting' from online shopping but the deliveries still come!  Now in little grey parcels not blue. These parcels come direct  from China. My oldest has discovered on line retail therapy but the young genius has taken the concept to a new level. She's cut out the middle man. What pride I have in her!  
I've told the postman it's not me, that I'm 'resting', who am I kidding.  He looks cynical.  I can understand that, really I can. 
DD texts me every day to ask if she has any 'post'.  Her strategy is to buy when the price falls. If enough people want the product the price goes down (now there's a concept for a certain shopping channel I favour.) I'm so proud of DDs technique.   But then she's learnt from an expert. 
So far jeans,  poncho style cardigan and a blouse has arrived. There's a lot that hasn't arrived too. The rest of these jeans for instance (ok, it's the style and very nice on youth too.)
We will watch the doorstep to see whether the rest of her winter wardrobe arrives.  (PS she's planning on a warm winter going by the jeans.)

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