Because they're Indigo

It's cold and wet.  I climbed into the attic this morning to extract my winter coat.  It's time for the sheepskin boots.  I was delighted to see some are the special on a certain channel.  
I watch, I yearn,  I reach for the app.    The extra slightly slimmer feminine toe! They are waterproof, they are knee high and oh that indigo. ..that indigo. 
Restraint.  I have waterproof sheepskin boots from that brand, last year's special.   Why would I want more?  Because I have some from last year from that brand,  that's why.  
Mine are the low in chocolate, this does not affect their calorific content.  I adore them in the wet winter.  Snug feet in the supermarket car park early on a Saturday morning is bliss.  Snug feet walking around the fridge section is even more blissful.  I have been known to deliberately walk in puddles.  I'm not disappointed.  My feet stay dry and toasty.  
Should I? Oh the decadence of two pairs.  I could stand in a higher see through bowl of water with the highs.  (you would have to see the show to understand that.) 
The pic has a bonus shoe in it, daughters trainer.  We were in McDonalds.
I remember my resolve and why would I want another pair anyway?  Because they're knee high,  because they're indigo,  because they're waterproof,  because they're knee high, because they'll keep my legs warm going to work in a skirt,  because they're indigo,  because they're knee high, because they'll match the tiny little flowers on my scarf,   because they're knee high, because they'll keep my feet cool on the train,  because they're indigo, because I can wear tights with them and still have warm toes,  BECAUSE THEY'RE INDIGO

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