£30 divided by zero is...

Today  big, bold, statement jewellery is on special. The jewellery that apparently is borrowed and flung around the floor on 'Strictly' . That jewellery!  However I don't go to big, bold, statement places and I don't think Mr Him has plans to whisk me round doing the fandango anytime soon.  
Putting logic aside as any good tvshopaholic would do, I notice there are four colour options today. Silver, not so silver,  gold and not so gold.  What choice!  I waver, gold or not so gold?  Does there have to be a choice?  How about both. How about both!!! 
No, no. I have enough. I have bold statement jewellery from that brand already and it still hasn't been Tangoed or Meringued around a ball room.
I remind myself that the cream leather jacket I am wearing today is 15 years old. Purchased at a country show at the great expense of £80 at the time. Didn't that turn out to be excellent value?  Under 27p per wear.  The boots that I'm wearing are 6 years old and well used (under 14p per wear).   I'm not extravagant.  I'm clearly a canny shopper.

I do the maths.  At under £30 but without a big, bold, statement venue or fandango in my diary the cost per wear would be.... £30 divided by zero is zero.  
Best value yet!  I'll have all four.

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