There's a Hole in the Garden, Dear Anna

Mr Him was let loose at the weekend.  I decided I'd risk him doing some handyman things.  I mean it had to be easier then slicing beans!

I watched from a safe distance as he dug up some plants  that had failed to flower  (yes he did plant them in the first place but it's not his fault.  The soil is poor. ) 

The montebretia won't flower,  dear Anna,' he had said.

'Well dig it up, dear Him'.

'There's a hole in my garden now, dear Anna, '

'Fill it dear Him,'

'With what shall I fill it dear Anna.'

'With a pot dear Him, with a pot. '

'What goes in the pot dear Anna?'

'A Palm goes in the pot dear Him'.

'There's still a hole in the garden, dear Anna, dear Anna.'

'Fill it dear Him, fill it.'

'With what shall I fill it dear Anna dear Anna?'

'Some slate, dear Him, with some slate.'

'Jobs done dear Anna.'

'Thank goodness dear Him. Dear Him, the paints come off the porch, dear Him'.....

Runnerbeans (or not )

I wasn't  sure whether to laugh, cry,  be angry or worry as I walked home after a phone call to Mr Him. I was given some runnerbeans from a colleagues garden.

 I had asked him to prepare some   for my supper. What he told me sent me into a jibbering tailspin on legs.  

Mr Him had only taken the seeds out of the runnerbeans declaring them immature broad beans.  He'd cooked the little red beans and discarded the green outer. 

I despair. I really despair sometimes.

Just DIY

Dear reader,  in the past you have observed that I always seem to be up to an adventure.  Well, as you can see almost the most exciting thing last weekend was buying a new harness for the chihuahua.  Almost.  That was pipped to the post by DIY. 

Mr Him finally  (after 3 years ) got around to putting up a new towel rail in the cloakroom.  Ever since we'd moved in,  towels have been hanging precariously from a holder that was millimeter by painful, weekly, millimeter falling out of the wall.  Anyway  that's fixed now. 

On Friday the cantilever garden umbrella broke.  It was discovered by two men of the house that the string had snapped thereby making it impossible to move up or down.  Something to do with tension too.  Mr 25 (bf of Miss 21) said he could fix it if I bought washing line string.  I did. 

The arm now glides up and down with an elegance not before exhibited by this cantilever umbrella. Looking at the string that had frayed and snapped from use over 3 years,  one could assume it was designed to fail.  That would be a cynical thought now wouldn't it.

The Dog Harness

This blog is going to be all or nothing.  The pictures are all not pictures.  They are all videos.  You will either get me in multidimensional media, or not at all.  I can open these on my laptop but not on my phone.  I hope you can see them.

On Saturday we bought our chihuahua a new harness.

So on Sunday,

I returned home embarrassed,

Apparently it would fit a puppy. I asked if it was a ferrets.

Ouse Valley Viaduct

I'm pleased you enjoyed my viaduct ramble and thank you for your comments and questions.  The viaduct is the Ouse Valley viaduct and is on the train route from London to Brighton and Eastbourne.  it was built and opened in 1841.  It is also a pokestop. Well, it would be wouldn't it, being a landmark.  

Here is more information on this fabulous piece of architecture .


Dear reader,  I've had a disaster on the tanning front.  If you've been up to date with my preparations for a non existent  heatwave on my other blog then you'll know I've taken to the fake tan once again. 

It all started well.  On Friday night I applied my fake tan.  On Saturday morning I awoke to be greeted by TanHand. Yes you've guessed it, I hadn't washed my hands after applying it.  Me, when I'm such an experienced user of the stuff!

I googled solutions.  I tried lemon juice.  I tried bicarbonate of soda.

 I tried oil.

The next night I tried camouflage by tanning my whole hand.

That didn't work either.

TanHand went to work with me on Monday.

Another Pictorial Ramble

Dear reader, firstly, thank you so much for your comments on my i360 blog.  I really love reading what you have to say and knowing my writings and pictures are not going into the nether ether.  I have posted one comment in reply to all. I hope that is OK for once.  

Yesterday we went for a walk under the viaduct on masse.  You may recollect that we did a similar walk last year, here.

Although we have only walked here twice now, each time we seem to have interesting interactions with people.  This time we met a young man walking a herd, flock, four chihuahuas.  As we had one with chihuahua with us it was a meeting of  little minds and almost other parts, except ours wasn't on heat.  I learnt that our mini dog is a deerhead chihuahua as opposed to an applehead (bulgy eyes.)

Our Mia is the one with the red lead

This impostor made himself at home on Miss 21

Miss 21 tried the viaduct for size as a mattress

Horses have the blinds over their eyes.  Flies were dreadful

Yes, we walked through this field of bullocks

Miss 21 is taking pics of the grass ready for harvesting

back to the car

I liked this barn
This picture is busy.  Me  in the foreground, Mr Him  nestled in the arches and the autommotive engineer boyfriend in the distance. 


Dear reader, if all goes well you will have your Anna in 3d, multidimensional, dimented, holographic, temporal media.  Yes, I have hit the videosphere.  In the meantime, sit back, look at the pics and if we are all unlucky videos will be at the end.

Yesterday we visited the new British sight spot, the i360 which is in Brighton and opened last Thursday.  This is a British Airways or BA attraction.  Like everything BA it was superb from service to duty free  gift shop to decor.  However the champagne cost as £10 each which is disproportionate to the tickets at £15 each. 

The i360 is a vertical cable car. It runs slowly (half hour trip) up and back down the pole giving views to the Isle of Wight on a clear day.  The glass is highly reflective. In some cases this makes my pictures very futuristic but others it spoils the view shots. 

A Hangover Booked and a Walk on the Common

Dear reader,  this weekend just gone Miss 21 booked herself a hangover.  To do this she

1. Was invited to a party 

2. Decided what to wear, with lots of tucking in and out again and in again of her white shirt blouse. 

3. Went to the supermarket to buy provisions 

4 put hangover minimisation provisions on her and the  automotive engineer's pillows 

5 laid out the morning feed the hangover provisions on the floor,  no doubt with the belief that's where she'd be. This placement on the floor I thought was very honest and foresightful.

Did this all go to plan?

No, they rolled in at 5 am having walked a few miles using phone torches to alert traffic.  They did not partake of the pillow provisions.  When they emerged from bed later in the day i helped them locate the morning feed the hangover provisions which I'd put in the fridge the night before.  (I could always hand it down to them on the floor the next morning if need be, I'd decided  )

By 4pm Miss 21 felt like emerging from the house and we all went for a walk around Chailey Common. 

The heather was out

So was Trump's spare hair,

so were the pokerstops, yes, even here in the countryside,

Add caption

so were the ponies. 

 It was fabulous seeing them canter free across the land.

I've written about this common here.  I won't bore you further with the explanation but click on my earlier blog to see about the heritage nature of the site.

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