Mr Him Visits Goats

Now that that advert for my Facebook page is out of the way back to the Anna lifestory.  We had Father's Day of course since my Oslo post.  Knowing how Mr Him likes his inner goat (see herding-goats here) what could be more fitting than taking him to see goats, climbing goats at that.  

So with eagerness in my mission I bundled Mr Him, Miss 22, Mr 26 and Mr 26's dad into my car.  Yes, 2 father's days in one.  A take one, get one free sort of drive to see goats. 

Did they enjoy the day.  Here are the pics, and of course there is the inevitable video.

They are enamoured!

Mr Him (left) is clearly delighted with his outing

The goats

the video bit click here

Facebook Page, New, Limited Offer

The struggle is real!  I have promised Instagram followers that I would use that swipe up function on Mystory to link to a jewellery providor.  I shouldn't have promised. Who would have thought it would be so darn hard!  I discovered that to be able to swipe you need to be a verified user.   You cannot ask to be verified.  Instagram does it when it decides you are worthy.  In order to be worthy I decided I need to be, well, worthy.  I decided to define worthy as 'have a Facebook page with 16K followers.'  I didn't  have a Facebook page for my blogs.  I set one up yesterday to get 16k followers.  I tweeted. I Instgrammed, I mystory-ed.  I got a mighty 9, yes 9 followers. And one of those is my brother!

So you see the struggle is very real. 

Here is the Facebook page  Join the cause if you feel like becoming one of such an elite number, the few in the know, the few that follow @muttonstyle on Facebook.  I  may end up restricting numbers so get in early.  Yeah, right!  

What's in it for you?  I intend to focus on my 'other' blog over there with the odd celebrity visit of my Anna blog posts. If you are interested in all things 'the ordinary middle aged woman' its for you. well, let's limit 'all' things to clothes, shampoo, make up, life, mid-life, packing, yes packing, lots of packing, shopping, food, diet.   

A Quick Trip to Norway

Dear Reader

Norway had the misfortune to entertain me  Sunday last.  They had to endure me as I had been asked to talk at a seminar.  I decided to go over Sunday morning rather than evening so as I could see some of the city of Oslo.  It was the furthest north I have been and I have to say that it was strange flying home south and to warmer weather, when you are a Brit.  I flew over with two peer colleagues.  Friends also talking but from other companies.  We know each other well though having glided to Brussels together last year, here.

My peer friend Tom (last introduced to you here ) and I spent the afternoon  sight seeing and picture taking.  At one point he said, "I think we make cities look good."  I almost choked. I did choke.  I mean him and I, a vision upon the landscape. Really!  I recovered and burst into laughter.  Then I realised he meant our photos made cities look good.  Phew!

So here are my photos in which we make Oslo look good. (seriously Oslo can make itself look quite good enough without my help.)  

Tom heading to the church

Absoltuely stunning lighting inside this church.  I have never seen a church like this

Hard Rock Cafe of Oslo

The Palace (known locally as the King's palace)

I thought this is where US Quaker architecture partly derives

Inside the restuarant where we had our evening meal. Just a pizza

Norwegian open sandwiches for lunch in the office on Monday

The port view from the roof of the office

I loved going up to the roof in the seminar breaks

The airport train has TV in every carriage

Orange water in reception of the hotel

moose sausages (like salami really but moose)

 a little bar restaurant where Tom and I ate on Sunday lunch

The outside of the bar

trolls are everywhere

This is 'school cake' it was served in the office Monday afternoon 

There is more on the video on YouTube here 

South Of England Show Once Again

Dear reader, I hope you have got over the tethering.   I have given you a few days to adjust.  In the meantime Mr Him and I have had a few further adventures. It's ok, you can read on.   Do you remember when Mr Him went 'a modeling' here mr-him-knew-his-day-would-come .

Well since then Mr Him and the Barmah seller have become firm friends. Such firm friends that on Friday last week we all went out to dinner, to celebrate Mr Him selling a mighty er, not one hat, nor boot.  Anyway despite Mr Him not have been a success in the modelling arena we did have a very lovely meal and fun.  

The next day we visited the South of England show, as we do each year.  Our friend gave us free tickets this year which saved us £42.  

I did a video for you this year. click on this youtube link.South of England show

And here are the inevitable pics. 

Our friend's stall of Aussie clobber

And here is more steam punk 



Tuesday of Tethering

...and the 'suitcase files '.
What has Mr Him done now?  Well he may have broken the Internet.  I don't know how he did it. He doesn't know how he did it. But he's bound (we'll come on to tethering later) to have done it.  He's just bound  (later I said ) to.

Tuesday started shiny and bright and new.  The Internet was not it's zippy self though.  I did a speed test.  Less than 1 mb. 

What is a blogger to do, after blaming Mr Him of course?  Notify our provider.  Warn  you. Arrange contingency for you.  Get a stand in blogger.  A van arrived.

The Internet went off.  I was at a loss what to do. No blogging.  No Netflix.  No instagram.  No tweeting. 

Internet repairers conferred  with other Internet  repairers. 

 They gathered and conferenced on my problem.  They debated on whether to get me online. 

Meanwhile the postman delivered some wheels.  He tried to help, bless him. Has no one told the posties that hamsters aren't used any more.

However, these were not ordinary wheels.  These were mighty Samsonite wheels!  

Why wheels you ask.  Last holiday here we lost a wheel on our suitcase during luggage handling behind airport scenes. Here I mentioned it short-haul-on-ba  Samsonite kindly sent me a replacement.  In fact 4 as they didn't have the original colour and wanted us to have a matching set, (ah, bless.)

With not much else to do I set to the task of suitcase repair.  I filmed my attempt, and Mr Him's rescue.  Before you look at the clip  I'll talk of Tethering part one. I had taken mini clips of film for instagram mystory,  which I'm sure you follow (mutton_style then click on my profile circle and you get my story waffle  ). Instead of loading up 16 hundred thousand mini films to YouTube I decided to try joining them.  I used an app called AndroVid.  It was my first attempty but the app was quick.  I did join different formats unfortunately.  I'll do better next time. 

Anyway here is the mergered tethered suitcase files.

and how he did it.

That evening saw us still without broadband.  Mr Him offered to be tethered Part 2).  Warily,  very warily,  I accepted.  He had discovered that we could turn our phones into WiFi hotspots.  As he has a vast amount of mobile  data that he doesn't use on 4G etc he offered to turn  into a hotspot (an offer he doesn't often make I might add).  He gave me a code that his phone generated.  I turned on WiFi on my Ipad and tapped in the code.  I was online using his data.  The streaming was perfect.  It was as good as broadband.
So there you have two tethering tips for the price of one. And I'm back on line.

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