The Cosy Venue and link up

My latest blog post is up over on my other channel. This week it contains the prettiest venue that I attended for a meeting so I could not help but take a lot of pictures.

No videos linked this week, for those, George, who can't do video.

There is a link up so do link your blog posts. Love to have you linking up over there any family friendly post on life, cooking, outings, RVing, outfits, beauty. As long as its clean it goes.

Come on a Dog Walk With Mr Him

Join Mr Him and I as we explore some woods in Sussex with the dogs.  Grab a coffee or wine and escape with us to the English countryside.

Hop over to Belguim and Blog Hop

Dear reader,  as you know I don't update this blog so much but I do nevertheless still have adventures.  My latest is laid out for you  here Belguim-and-link-up-7.html  .  Quite appropriately  I am also showing a cheeseboard that I laid out recently.  I say appropriately as in Belguim beer is served with cheese.  

Do also link up any of your blog posts over on he other side too.

My week's round up and link up

Do come over and link your blogs or just pop over and read.  

Weekly round up and link up No. 6

Alternatively come and have a walk and chat around our local resevoir and listen to me chat about 5 things I won't buy as we stroll. 

B&Q garden haul, mini haul 2020