A young on line shopping Genius

I may be 'resting' from online shopping but the deliveries still come!  Now in little grey parcels not blue. These parcels come direct  from China. My oldest has discovered on line retail therapy but the young genius has taken the concept to a new level. She's cut out the middle man. What pride I have in her!  
I've told the postman it's not me, that I'm 'resting', who am I kidding.  He looks cynical.  I can understand that, really I can. 
DD texts me every day to ask if she has any 'post'.  Her strategy is to buy when the price falls. If enough people want the product the price goes down (now there's a concept for a certain shopping channel I favour.) I'm so proud of DDs technique.   But then she's learnt from an expert. 
So far jeans,  poncho style cardigan and a blouse has arrived. There's a lot that hasn't arrived too. The rest of these jeans for instance (ok, it's the style and very nice on youth too.)
We will watch the doorstep to see whether the rest of her winter wardrobe arrives.  (PS she's planning on a warm winter going by the jeans.)

In honour of the Mighty Feline

Today is National Cat Day, apparently.  In honour of the mighty feline I have had to put aside today’s planned blog and devote the page to the Cat. I know many of you would have preferred to see how to make fudge but let’s leave that for another day. 

I will state now that I did not buy my cats from my beloved shopping channel.  I didn’t even buy them. I did donate as they are rescues.  As this blog is about making use of my purchases (acquisitions in the case of the cats) I will show you how I have used my cats today.

This might be a small blog post.
I have used my cat to keep my laptop case warm.

Also to test the efficiency of the boiler

 To colour match washing

 To hide a spill on the floor

To teach me yoga
Over to your cats.  This is Hermione.  She's a rescue who's job is to be adored by reader Ali.
Nicola's cat is very useful for testing the for the perfect softness of grass.
Meanwhile Jem's Rufus keeps her busy by doing her online shopping from our fav shopping channel for her.

    Followed by the unpacking.

Now that's what I call useful!

Aid in My Kitchen

On offer today on a certain shopping channel is a food mixer.   Yes I succumbed a year ago snd admit to finding it's smooth curves compelling and carressable.  This is accentuated by the coolness of its body to my touch.  There's therapy in stroking this machine. Bubble wrap with oomph.  I feel reassured,  comforted even,  just by resting my hand across its cool exterior and cupping its rounded body.
Baking! Bah!
Mr Him has used it to make several batches of brownies.  I've used it for stroking,  mixing Eton mess,  stroking, (which reminds me, whipping cream), making a crumble mix,  stroking, knocking up a few Victoria sponges and mixing my Calico fudge (which is another story.)  To slide the lever to one, to two, and let it gently whir whilst I am freed to measure up my next ingredient is bliss.  I no longer need its lightweight brother,  the hand mixer,  which required my guidance to behave in its whipping.  No, my stand mixer is obedient.  Its swishing compliant arms liberate me to load the dishwasher. 
Even though one is homed in my kitchen   I still watch the presenter spin her magic.  Its tempting, oh so tempting, to tap the app again, but that would be silly wouldn't it. 

Over to You Dear Reader... Cupboard Love

I am not alone!  My dear reader, Jo, has sent me pictures of her overflowing storage facilities.  She describes her home as a particular shopping channels 'other warehouse'.

Jo  welcomes her guests to a display of well appointed jars on her spare room dressing table. If I were her guest the lips would speak to me 'help yourself, pamper, indulge.'  Well that would be my excuse for having a full-on facial  in her spare room. 

 Unlike me Jo manages to tuck away her purchases behind closed doors.  The  hinges can be seen on the right of the pic.  Once again I have dressing table envy, or cupboard love, I haven't decided which way to go on that one yet.

Here Jo is also talking my language, a wardrobe for beads and bangles.  I also have this cupboard (no envy required) and adore it.  Of course it was available on a certain shopping channel, along with the contents (purchasesd separately...disclaimer)

Nicola, on the other has such bursting wardrobe space she had to buy extra rails. Her sequins and lace crammed to squeaking point.  Oh, ladies, why do we need so much!


Unshopaholic..the Minimalist screaming to get out

With the arrival of Autumn and the putting away of summer clothes I have discovered drawers now  brimming and absolutely no space for further purchases.  Normally I would have two options, clean out or stop buying.   I am on a constant clearout, having a box on the landing permanently for items that I don't' wear, don't like, don't fit and don't suit me  This removes option one as there is nothing to clear out, I want it all. 

 I have decided to work my existing wardrobe rather than live up to my avatar.  I will eke out every penny from my existing clothes. I will be a clothing commander, wardrobe warrior as Renee says.

You would think that I find shopping fun.  No, I do not. I find scouring the stores boring.  I do not go on sprees Pretty woman style.  I wander stores not really conceptualising the item on the rail with my style.  Its not lack of understanding myself, I have had my colours done, warm autumn, several times, and I know fit that works.  No, when I am looking for something in particular I will not find it so why go on the hunt in the first place.  How then have I managed to have so much?.  TV shopping loves me, it really loves me, and its reciprocated.  I tap the app, 3, 4, 5 times if I see an item I like adorned on a presenter be it jewellery or clothes, hair even. If I'm going to get the top in 2 colours then why not three, go on. Tap!

I am not limiting my cleanse to clothes either, no, also on the makeup and lotions, potions and nostrums front my room (floor actually) is overflowing.  I have dressing table envy.  A friend has nothing on her table.  Its all hidden away in the dark in a cupboard. Today I had a dressing table clear out.  The result was nothing more than a reshuffle and a bit of dusting.     I must be realistic, my life would be delayed if I had to rummage in the dark for my morning face and night mask.

 Then there is my spares, my back up purchases. 

  The minimalist in me is screaming to get out.  Watch this space, when I can find it.

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