Elegance by Fudge

I understand that there is to be a chocolate shortage.  Do not panic ladies and gents I come to the rescue.  That craving may be satisfied and set a sophisticated tone at the same time. Impossible you say, no, not all impossible.  Read on and see how I achieve elegance by microwave. 

I have taken to serving fudge if we have guests.  To me its lazy poshness.  It makes me appear chic, and means I can avoid making a dessert. 'I have some homemade fudge' I  say to discerning vistors, 'would you like some?'  As soon as the words leave my lips, with a Queen's English inflection, I feel myself take on a gracefulness. My neck becomes aristocratically long, conveniently smoothing out my wrinkles,  and my chin tips up ever so slightly.   

The fudge kit is a purchase I am avidly making use of from my favourite channel.  I enjoy both the consumption of said fudge and the elegant affect it has on me. 

So taken am I with the fudge that I have some step by step pictures to share with you for your salivating enjoyment.  I have not included photos of my elongated neck nor elegance of posture.  That can be left to your imagination. 

Firstly, I use a bit of water, a bit of butter, the packet of fudge mix  and the instructions

I pour fudge mix into my stand mixer bowl with melted butter and water.

I choose my stand mixer head, after stroking mixer a few times of course.

I set my mixer to whir and make a breadcrumb like mass, 

I put the mass in a microwavable bowl and melt the mass to a goo

The goo is then rotated around the mixers bowl again.

After a bit of heating and rotating some more its ready to tip into the supplied container for setting.

After its cooled I cut it and then leave it until I need to serve it.  That means hiding it in a cupboard.

Back up a step! Who said I leave it?..No I test it.....a couple of times to be sure.

Then I securely wrap it to avoid temptation.

Later when required I serve it to guests, using an elegant stance.

and watch it disappear.

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