Episode Two of many installments...The story continues

Realising how eager you will be for further installments to previous episodes I have  dedicated this page to providing you with the answers to what happened next.  

Of course you know that some knee high indigo sheepskin boots arrived for me.   The new slimmer more feminine foot is everything I wanted it to be, elegant with a touch of wool.  So far they've cosseted  my toes in the  fridge section and whispered calming safe words when I visited the hive, which should not be underestimated . 

More of my daughters winter wardrobe arrived from China and she's experimenting  with styling it.  Shall I wear it with a dog or without a dog?  

Difficult question to answer but I advised that maybe she could carry a small dog in a bag just in case.

The ottoman is a cause of envy in the family. Oldest has asked for two for her birthday. No doubt to store her Chinese winter wardrobe in.


Youngest has not asked for an ottoman.  We have given her a training bin instead.  We hope to take the stabilisers off in a few weeks and let her have a grown up bin

Mr Him and I have made excellent use of the stand mixer  to make, no invent,  a rhubarb sponge pudding between us.  

To be served with hot custard, of course, a British delicacy.  I will provide our recipe for the rhubarb pudding if you ask nicely.

I have not visited a hive again.  I have not worn The blouse again yet but as it's not been on Facebook there is still the opportunity.   The black tie shoes are boxed and back in Mr Him,s wardrobe, along with a boxed Lulu G bag.  He has a new Ottoman.  


  1. I do prefer the dog in that smart carry bag! Very snazzy:)

  2. Wondering what is meant by hot custard?

    1. In the UK we have egg custard with puddings and it can be served cold or hot.


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