Minimalist Woman and her swathe of shoes

I have a confession.  I awoke one morning last week to discover that I had ordered an Ottoman during the night.  What was I going to do with an Ottoman?   My hand hovered over cancel...but wait.  This was quite a sensible purchase.  I was obviously an inspired shopper in my sleep.  Wouldn't an Ottoman help me in my aim to be 'Minimalist Woman'? 

My shoes and boots currently live in the bottom of wardrobe in the dark, tucked away from my guilty conscious.  This means that every excursion involves pulling the lot out just as I am about to leave the house and leaving a swathe of  footwear across my floor until my return, a 3d version of my Renee shoe scarf.  In our house the answer to the question 'is mum out? ' is 'look at her floor. ' 

If I transferred my shoes to the Ottoman they would be more readily accessible.

Then  I could move my boxes of back up essential elixirs of youth to the wardrobe spot vacated by the footwear.  They could now be tucked away in the dark to be my secret.  

I could start again!  The family wouldn't know.  'Minimalist Woman' was not unachievable.  Where's that app?


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