The one with a Blouse and Roast Potatoes

Over the last few weeks I have been out to eat 3 times and efficiently used the same blouse.  Don't panic, ladies.  I realise this might bring you out in a cold sweat but   I wasn't having pictures taken for Facebook. I am on a mission to fully use my purchases if you recollect.  So relax, still that pattering heart and be thankful you aren't on the same venture. 

On one occasion this blouse was styled ( fashion blogger speak) tucked into skinny jeans.  Well modern tucked,  the back out and front in. This was for a casual meal in our local pub at halloween with Mr Him.   (the blouse is George S from The channel for those interested.)

I also wore it with black skinny jeggings for a Chinese meal celebrating a relatives 17th birthday.  

This wasn't all mine and to take the pic I was suspended from the ceiling by a handy belt loop on my jeggings.  Now I know what those loops are for.  Don't ever cut them off ladies, you never know when you might need them. 

Last Sunday I wore the blouse with a suede skirt (D&G) from a thrift shop as pictured above.  

The meal on Sunday was a roast at a carvery. 

There is a chain of these particular carveries in England and basically one says yes Yorkshire pudding, yes turkey,  bring it on roast parsnips,  pile them high roast potatoes, load my plate carrots and vegetables.  Then we submerge the food in gravy and dollop breadsauce and cranberry as topping.  With forklift trucks on standby we take our plates to the table. 

This is all mine. 

What's a Yorkshire pudding?  This.

A huge puff of batter and air  mix traditionally served with roast beef. 

What's roast potatoes?  This. 

Potatoes boiled, shaken around to make fluffy,  submerged in fat and put in the oven to part burn to crunchiness. 

That my friends is Traditional British food. 

That is also why I am wearing the blouse so much now, whilst it still fits me.


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