Not Satisfied with One Seminar

This week, dear reader, I was honoured to go adventuring in London. I had two seminars to attend on one afternoon (like birthdays I'm not satisfied with one). One event  was in north London and other the City.  

I planned my agenda to the minutest coffee break. First hour and a half in North London then at ten to three exactly I arose from my chair and left making my way to King's Cross. 

There the circle line carried me to Mansion House tube and a short walk to second venue in time for coffee.  

I was in Painters Hall. 

This is the home of one of the Livery Companies of city of London, The Worshipful company of Paint-Stainers. At this point you are probably impressed, or proud that your Anna is anything to do with Worshipful. I must disappoint you, I'm not. 

You can read about Painters Hall here. The list of livery companies is quite interesting.  I wonder when we'll have a Guild of Bloggers. 

As I arrived just before coffee the refreshment room was empty and gave me a perfect opportunity to capture some images for you, by camera not Paint-staining I add hurriedly. 

We had an evening meal in a similar room to this. It was business attire not black tie.

I know you're agog to know what I wore and whether I spilt drink down me.  Here it is and no I didn't.  

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  1. You look very smart (even without a full head).

  2. You do look very smart, as Addy says!

  3. Addy and Christine are both right.

  4. Yep I agree too !
    Headless Anna, looking good.

  5. London is looking as beautiful as ever.

    I LOVE your outfit! I am wardrobe inspired now. It's all too hard living with a toddler. But I am sure it can be done. To wear tailored things to work, I mean....

    SSG xxx

  6. It's all so lovely and British. I actually have a chandelier quite like that one, here in America. In my living room, which I shall be abandoning once Donald Trump becomes President.And you look svelte. Svelte and without Donald Trump. No wonder we obese Americans with horrible politicians are jealous of you. Those things and Downton Abbey. And fish and chips every Friday. And Jelly Babies. And Marks and Spencer. And Christmas crackers. Okay, the crazy American lady will now shut up.

  7. You could (almost) inspire me to wear a dress again... but then, I don't have such posh places to wear one ;-) You look great and I love traveling the city with you.

  8. And very smart-looking attire it is too.


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