Episode Two of The Weekend

I received this lounge feature, a Tinkle machine,  from Miss 21 and the automotive engineer. It makes a lovely flowing aquatic noise.  It will be perfect for getting guests to go home after they've had too much of our beverages. I'll switch it on to create ambiance of gentle streaming water.  Gone is the so last year idea of turning the heating off. 

Mr Him invented an alcoholic drink for me. After a couple of these I had to turn off the tinkle machine.  

We went to a local Italian chain restaurant Prezzo, for lunch. 

 I wore a new blouse and decided to christen it with Prezzo Royale which I poured elegantly down the front creating a raspberry waterway. It looked a river of red weed out of War of the Worlds. 

I ate crab cakes followed by a Prezzo Royale and rocket and wild mushroom pizza.

Honeycomb cheesecake and a  Prezzo Royale followed.

We walked waddled home a new way, through a private lane, and admired the houses, blossom that's about to bloom and the odd stained glass window. 

Miss 21 and the automotive engineer made bought me this lovely cake from Sainsbury's. It really is light and not as rich as it looks. 

Approaching my bedtime Mr Him turned on the Tinkle Machine.  It works.  

Meanwhile on my boring blog I've  had an accident with coconut oil. Visit Boring Blog here  and add it to your follow list as I'm updating that pretty regularly too now. 


  1. It looks a most excellent birthday.
    We had a fish tank in the bedroom (ONCE) which operated as an all night long tinkle machine.

  2. Did you spill on your new top? Absolutely hate when that happens more often than not. Otherwise, a perfect birthday celebration number two.

  3. Beautiful birthday cake! (did the frosting match your new blouse?).... checked out the coconut oil... gee... you have all the fun!

  4. Sounds a great birthday. Hope your new top came clean in the wash.

  5. Happy Belated birthday. I love that tinkle machine - I want one! Where did they get it?


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