Flopping in all its Glory and many Interpretations

How has your Easter season been?  Mr Him has certainly rediscovered his interpretation of flopping.  He's flopped in the lounge on a settee, he's flopped in our bed and got stuck, again, but this time didn't need gas and air.  It was a mini flop I suppose you could say.  Myself and Miss 21 have got very familiar with my interpretation of flopping.  Too familiar. 

All floppings and various interpretations of were interrupted by chocolate on Easter Sunday.  

Storm Edna and Katie arrived and buffetted us.  Miss 21 likes to experience the weather in 4d, with a hot drink. 

My boring style blog will have pretty Easter pics if you wish to hop on over.  I will call the post, Pretty Easter Pics, to make it easy for you.


  1. Your flopping is getting done, thanks to help from Miss 21

  2. You guys have been getting the storms, haven't you!! Flipping and flopping sounds like fun!


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