Suspicious Activity

Dear reader, under the cover of darkness suspicious activity was undertaken last night by Mr Him,  myself,  the yogurt churner extraordinaire and his mother.  In a dimly lit street a van pulled up.  The van,  fondly known as the Green Machine,  was driven by the yogurt churner extraordinaire's mother.  Out of the van slithered the gangly limbs of the 18 year old yogurt churner extraordinaire and the full stomach of Mr Him, which so much didn't slither as flop. Yellow sodium light shed soft illumination as they opened the back of the van.  The yogurt churner approached an unadvertised door.  You could easily walk past it.  Many do. The door was flush to the wall and opened straight onto the pavement. He pressed a buzzer and the door opened.  

Mr Him, the yogurt churner extraordinaire and I carried the van's contents across the street and safely into the building. 

Next week we will do the return journey and all will be revealed.


Draft Apocolypse

Dear reader We practised the apocalypse this week.  No doubt you have heard of Britain's trial run  with the Yellow sky of Doom. ...