Suspicious Activity Part 2

Saturday saw the Green Machine  depart on a journey of suspicious activity once again.  At precisely 3.44 in the afternoon it arrived driven once again by the Yogurt Churner extraordinaire's mother.  

Into the van this time piled Miss 21, the Automotive Engineer boyfriend and I.  We like to make our suspicious activities a full family experience and give everyone a chance to join in.

At 4 pm, this time in daylight, we arrived at the nondescript doorway. I pressed the buzzer, we passed surveillance and were allowed to pass through.  I led the way along a maze of corridors.  The walls were  blank.  There was no clue to our where-being from the surroundings.  No names on doors, no pictures, no posters.  We were let into a room at the back.

Here,  after passing across of a couple of notes and a few coins, we picked up an article and made our way back to the Green Machine.

By 4.20 we were home and carrying the van's contents into my hallway.

 Part three is on my boring blog here 


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