Wobblies, Dinner, and New Found Stations

Dear reader,  there has not been much joyful to tell you about recently.  However on Monday I did go to a dinner in London.  This was enjoyable, although a note to self in future would be to say 'food preference, no veal'.  A dinner in London is not that unusual but what was remarkable was that this one threw ten of us into a private room, as representatives of corporate, NGO, banks and government, to thrash things out and put the world to rights. Listening to the news today you can gather we didn't get very far, but what can you do between starter and main course, really. 

What was more remarkable about the evening is that I got home.  The dinner was in the East End  of London.  I tapped my app to see my home route choices.   I was expecting options of London bridge or Victoria, but no, my phone threw it's own wobbly!  It churned out Shoreditch Highstreet Station then on to New Cross Gate and then East Croydon from which I was to phone home!  I didn't even know there was a Shoreditch highstreet station. 

Well, as one does, I do, I decided to explore these wobbled options. In retrospect 10 pm might not have been the best time but I needed to grab the moment whilst it was there. 
I used my maps app and found the unbeknown station. It has to be said that there are a lot of new stations plus new lines and routes through and around London. This is the London Overground network. 

A train came and carried me to New cross gate where I waited and waited. ..and waited.  I waited 25 minutes.  It was 22.45 before I got a train to East Croydon where I'd pick up my next connection.  Remarkably I was in bed 45 minutes later. The connection at East Croydon was on time and a fast train.  I did phone home and Mr Him met me at the station and  drove me to slumber. 

The journey took a total door to door one and a half hours.  If I had traversed London by underground to Victoria and trained from there it wouldn't have been quicker.  I am satisfied my phone gave me an unusual but timely route. 

The next day I entertained tormented, surprised my friend Natalie with a my rendition of 'Underground Overground wobbly are we...' She hasn't travelled with me since.

Talking of wobblies the men in the office wobbled again this week with a detour from blue, and mid-week too.  


  1. Veering away from blue and gentle mud? Their manhood is in question.

  2. Now that sounds like an experience, I would not want to do, but at least you got home safely and to bed.

  3. Well you made it home safely, at any rate, despite the 'wobbly' route. Couldn't get much wobblier than those fashion picks.

  4. Not sure I'd be brave enough to try a strange wobble at that time of night!

  5. It gets harder to get around in our city of Toronto these days too, so much traffic and crowds seemingly anytime of day

  6. I've seen "An American Werewolf in London." I will not be riding the tube at night.


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