Pictorial of Tenerife

As promised, dear reader, here is a simple blog of pretty holiday pictures. 

Our hotel was near a harbour. 

We visited this rustic beach bar a few times.

Hard Rock Cafe in Tenerife. We try to get to Hard Rock in every location we visit.  Last year it was Brussels and Manchester.  This year Tenerife. 

Similarities to Vegas (on sea) but then this town is called  Playa das Americas


Our  morning stroll up Red Mountain

and back down again..

Then to admire from a safe distance ie the bus stop. Yes we walked to that rock and back as well as up it. That's my exercise for 2015 done. 

Finally the view from our hotel bar at night. 


  1. You were obviously doing it tough. Not.
    Beautiful place. Thank you.

  2. Loved your photos, glad you enjoyed your holiday.

  3. Anything by the water is an automatic win. I don't think I would have ever left that rustic bar. Lovely pictures.


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