A hangover called Anna

Good day, dear reader.  As I write this it's pouring with rain and we're expecting storms this week.  We have, though, enjoyed some excellent weather, better than July and August in my opinion. 

To capture the spirit, literally,  of our late summer Mr Him and I have had a bit of adventuring.  The weekend before last we journeyed in our imaginations to the Caribbean.  This was helped by being surrounded by rum, coconut and fruit juices.  In fact the more  familiar I became with rum that afternoon the closer I got to the Caribbean. 

We had taken ourselves on a date-afternoon.  Yes,  date nights are beyond us.  Far better to have the hangover at 9 pm, have a cup of cocoa, go to bed and sleep through the worst of it, to awaken refreshed the next morning. 

This particular date-afternoon saw us Mr Him advising the mixologist at a restaurant how to make a cocktail.  Not any old cocktail. Mr Him s special cocktail. The mixologist scurried away only to appear at our side 10 minutes later with a glass which he thrust at Mr Him, 'try that, I've improved it.' Mr Him was quite speechless. Improved it! The mixologist waiter then gave me the concoction with an 'its on the house.' 

Mr Him remained speechless. What luck was this!  Mr Him speechless, a waiter waiting to take our order and  happy hour.  What was to be done ordered?  Two pina coladas for me of course!  Mr Him was still busy trying to pick up his wits but luckily mine were present and enough for two.  I immediately designated him driver, ordered him an alcohol free ginger beer and my double colada. 

Amongst remnants of shipping containers we ate chicken with coconut off tin plates.  Mr Him  sampled rums by dropping drips from a straw onto his tongue whilst I had the benefit of pouring a measure from a bottle for myself.  

I went to bed early that night and slept through any hangover Mr Him may have had.  I think he called it Anna.


  1. Oooh.
    I have to ask though. When Mr Him regained his tongue did he agree that his special cocktail had been improved? No, I thought not.

  2. And if they can call a wind Maria, I see no reason why a hangover can't be named Anna.

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  4. Oh, I like sound of date afternoons! We tend to be in bed by 10!


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