Mr Him Knew his Day Would Come

Dear reader, last weekend Mr Him  had another adventure in apparel. Not unusual, I know, but this time his star is risen. Finally he is a voice face head in the fashion industry.  How did this happen?

We had gone to the Autumn country show at Ardingly  (you know how much we enjoy these shows having told you about the Spring and summer shows in previous blogs. ) I  will add that on this occasion  I did not buy a loincloth scarf combo however tempted Mr Him was. I can assure you that if I had his fashion star would not have risen and I've told him as much. 

As we got through the gate of the showground  it happened. A stirring in Mr him. Something primal and deep in his ancestral routes (note to self to ask his dad about this). No doubt in years to come I will remember this moment, for it was the moment that Mr Him embarked on his modelling career. As an aside he also asked me to call him 'Crocodile Him Dundee' and added 'dag' to his vocabulary but we won't dwell on that. 

Well, Mr Crocodile Him Dundee at that moment discovered the Barmah, the Austrailian folding hat.  He plucked hats off a nearby stand, he stroked, he debated kangaroo or cowhide, he tilted and tipped. He chose. Then he said,  'Hey Dag, got one for my Sheila,' and with that  I was crowned Mutton Mick.  The stall holder then saw a certain panache in Mr Crocodile Him Dundee. A panash that Mr Him had been telling me for years was there but I couldnt see it for love nor money. The stall holder however saw 'The Panache'. Mr Him was asked to model the hat around the show. This was his moment.  Mr Him had awaited his whole life, to be recognised as the style icon that he knew he was and for someone other than him to see 'The Panache.'

He was asked if would go on a walkabout and wear the hat around the bush show, try it, feel it, live it, become one with it. Now I've told Mr Him to go on a darn walkabout in the wilderness many a weekend but does he? No! I've clearly made a mistake all these years. I made the mistake of not telling him he was modelling. Next Saturday I shall tell him to go modelling over the heath. That should keep him busy for a few hours. I digress though. 

Mr Crocodile Him Dundee went amodelling and took me with him.

He modelled  the hats to take a selfie.


He modelled them to take a selfie

He modelled  them for our personal photoshoots

He modelled  them to chickens,  lots of chickens. 

He modelled  them to goats. 

He modelled them to donkeys

Mr Crocodile Him Dundee's modeling was so successful that at the end of the day he was given a free smoker bag.  

That, dear reader,  is not the end of his modelling career, for two days later his mobile phone rang.  It was the Barmah hat seller. Mr Him was being asked to  model Australian boots next and do five shows a year.

Mr Him knew his day would come.  


  1. With a free smoker bag at each show? Or something more lucrative.
    Both of you rocked those hats. Which not everyone does.

  2. Love the hats, I have quite a collection myself and never go anywhere without wearing one.

  3. Love the hats... but your total outfit is outstanding!

  4. At the Ardungly summer show our WI won all sorts of prizes for our work - I even win a prize for writing! We also go to the antique fairs at the show ground - plenty of lovely rummaging. Great hats!

  5. He must've increased the sales that day! Wonderful news and fun!

  6. At least he looks good in a hat. Some people just have a face/head that works well with a hat. I do not. See below.

    Not everyone looks good in hats


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