The Shard and other Adventures

Today I'm spoiling you once again, dear reader, for I have for you another visual delight, if you like aerial shots, and no, I didn't attach Mr Him to a drone. That's on my Christmas list.  He does sneak in a rear shot though,  and I can assure you,  as a side note,  that that is not a visual delight. You might want to skip that pic.

On Saturday we  abandoned house (knowing anything could happen, but it didn't) and went to London with friends.  We all live within an hour of the city but had a day as tourists.  Our first stop was The Shard.  This is now the tallest building in the European Union with its 73 floors.  At the top viewing gallery there is a bar which we availed ourselves of with cups of hot cider.  This  viewing gallery is  open to the elements  ( air ) so we experienced an autumnal buffeting, which Mr Him found pleasant. 

Views from The Shard 

yes, they are trains. 

A bit of autumn colour on the trees

London Bride station, with trains. 

Meandering Thames and Tower Bridge

HMS Belfast

Random people silhouetted

Having looked down on the Thames and environs we descended to the underground to go beneath it heading to the Docklands.  

Here we mounted the cable car and took a ride across the Thames. 
Views from Emirates Airline Cable Car 

Next we took the Docklands light railway to travel along the Thames to head for food, and drink. 
First though a drink or two in Wetherspoons near Tower of London 

and then a meal in Bodeans where we ate Kansas City style pulled pork and burnt ends not to mention Key lime pie. 

Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale, the men thought was awesome.

The only place in the UK I;ve found Key Lime Pie.

Next stop was Camden Town where we experienced being elderly in Cyberdog  (A shop of luminous clubbing gear and where Mr Him tends to buy his wardrobe.)

From here we needed further beverages to recover from the realisation we're elderly.  Mr Him is still in denial as he bought a t shirt in Cyberdog. 



  1. Wow. Thank you.
    Not somewhere I am likely to see - and I am yearning for hot cider. And perhaps a tiny piece of key lime pie.

  2. What a fun time.
    We tried Key Lime pie for the first time in Key West Florida, very tasty it was, and for me not being a desert eater too.

  3. Thanks for sharing your photos! The Shard is on my bucket list for when I venture to London again (a rare occurance). I shall definitely sneak in a piece or two of Key Lime Pie as well - I love it! xx


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