A Little surprise

I was surprised to get a text from Mr Him  warning advising me that there was a little something at home for me.

Warily I entered the house after a hard day in the office.  Mr Him was in the kitchen with a large grin on his face. I became waryer.

'I've made you supper,  it's in the fridge,' he said.

Now, you recollect my lunch on Saturday, dear reader. The lunch that involved slurping the icecream off the whisk. It appears it wasn't so discrete after all.

My supper, cake mix served on a whisk.

Mr Him had baked for his office and mine. These six were for us at home.
Ginger and cherry, using plain flour I feel obliged to explain.

The office gannets enjoyed.  On an efficiency front the office gannets have also been conveniently wormed for I had added wormer to the hens food.  Conveniently for me no egg withdrawal necessary.


  1. He's a funny bunny is he!! It looks good though.

  2. That looks pretty tasty.

    When I was visiting England I always liked the food, even though people said English cooks were the worst in Europe. I lived in Europe ( Italy) for four years but got up to England a good bit. I like simple food, and you could always get that in the little hole in the wall places in London.

  3. Smartypants, he is... still, it does look yummy.

  4. I'm all for a husband who cooks (or bakes)!


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