Silence Ensued

Talking of infobites, dear reader,  a few weeks ago I nibbled at a slice of an interview given by the the actress who played Sam in thingy,  you know the show that was about 4 women and had Mr Big. Oh and he's in Good Wife now. 

Excuse my 50 Shades of Grey brain. 

The actress who played Sam told us about a tv show she persuaded a Canadian network to run.  It sounded fun so I set it to record as now available in the UK.

The following day I discussed my dabble with colleagues.

Me 'I recorded something off Sky Arts yesterday. '  

Colleagues look in surprise at this display of culture and high style taste.  'What was it? '

Me, 'sensitive skin. '

'What's that about?' they ask expecting a literary gem to fall from my wizened mouth.

'The menopause. '

Conversation stopped.

I filled the silence quickly 'it's a comedy. '

Male colleague my age , 'it usually starts that way. '


  1. Please tell me you didn't let him by with that! I'd have pretended to burst into tears, or something, just to watch him wiggle and squirm, lol.

  2. My wife went through that years and years ago. I still shudder!


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