Scythes and Torsos

The sun is out, and so is Mr him's body parts, sadly.  It's become clear that it's been a huge mistake to let him watch Poldark.  The weekends now see him  jettisoning his shirt across the lawn,  mopping his brow and lurking half naked in the garden amongst his plug fuscias. 

The good news is that his newly aquired taste for the outdoor life and bared torso has him mowing (whilst muttering something about a scythe),  clearing out the shed (looking for a scythe),  requesting we visit the garden centre (to buy a scythe) and digging (for a buried  17th century scythe.)  Still the garden is looking lovely after his efforts. 


  1. Last episode tonight. We'll be scytheless until next year I expect!

  2. No TV... none of those "role models" to pin our hopes on ;-) Your words make my imagination go wild... But then, your gardens are beautiful so something's going okay!


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