Under My Kitchen Sink

As activity stirs deep beneath the frost and snow in readiness for spring I thought I'd take a leaf out of nature's book and stir things down below myself.   Don't worry, I'm not going to get medical here. No,  I'm talking about cleaning out the deepest, darkest, least cared for cupboard. That found under the kitchen sink.  

Not one to pass up an opportunity to multitask I have decided to blog my kitchen sink tidy up for your delectation. Well it's one up the ladder of comparing myself to a toilet brush  (see to-become-more-scraper-than-brush ). I may even do a blog give away.  Let's see what we'll find, decontamination suits to the ready.

Orchid food, yet I do not have live orchids.  I love orchids but cannot nurture them to the extent that they re-flower.  As these foods are all unopened I am sensing why my orchids died.

Empty packets and boxes,

An instruction leaflet on how to use rubber gloves,  (please, not a word)

The ubiquitous tin of Brasso, (which comes in handy later on)

and a leak!

There followed a holler to Mr Him and a response from him along the lines of  'we need to get someone in to fix this.'  It seems the sealant has 'gone' around the sink and a slow seepage over years has caused this damage and this resulting mess on the shelf underneath.

Utilising the substances unearthed I managed to remove this rusty mark.  This is where the Brasso came in handy.  It was the only unearthed substance up to the job.

Morals of this story, don't discount that ubiquitous Brasso that lurks nesting in many a dark cupboard, and don't assume sink sealant won't take a leave of absence. 

Before and after pics, I hear you ask!


As with many a makeover the lighting is warmer on the 'after' result. The cupboard is brighter and there is more definition around the dettol.


  1. It’s been months since this post, have you already fixed the problem with your sink leaking? In my opinion, I would suggest changing the pipes for a new one. If the pipes had been there for years, fixing it sealants may not work anymore, so with new ones, it would ultimately cost less and the durability of your sink will surely last longer. Thanks for sharing, Anna!

    Traci Romero @ Harris Plumbing

  2. That's a very attractive under sink cupboard, but did you fix the leak? I love the humour in your writing, cleaning awkward spaces is something we all dread. Of course, now I've read this I shall have to clean my own cupboards. Let's hope nothing has sprung a leak down there.

    Helene Raymond @ Trade Squad

  3. Wow, I can totally relate to what you are talking about! There are so many things under my kitchen sink I cannot even begin to tell you! Have you been to TotalPLBG.com? I have found many helpful storage solutions for a variety of areas in my kitchen on that site. Perhaps you might as well?

    Roxanne Vaughn @ Total Plumbing Inc.


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