Tower of London and Kansas Barbecues

This week Mr Him was working away from home.  Not abroad you understand,  nor the other end of Britain.  No, Mr Him was working as far away from home as I do on my daily commute, and yet it required him to be put up in a hotel for 3 days.  It wasn't as if he was working late into the night,  oh no, five pm finishes were scheduled.  Do you sense cynicism on my part?

'How about coming up to London for a meal Tuesday night, ' he said. 'Then you can go back home.'  What nonsense was this and yes I fell for it. I would do the commute to London and back in the evening, that same commute I do daily, (and still come home at night I add,)  whilst he was to toddle to a nearby prebooked hotel bed after our meal.  
The rationale behind him staying was due to working from base  the commute home would put him over hours so his company insisted he stay overnight.  'Administrative HR irony' I call it. 

So the evening came and I adorned myself in renee twin set, skinny jeans, long boots, faux fur and my Renee and statement lipstick scarf, and set off for the city lights.  

We met in a Wetherspoons by  the Tower of London.  I love how this chain individualises the bars, in this case history and decor associated with the Tower.  See the ghostly Henry in the tapestry.

How would you follow a drink amongst history,  a Kansas City style bbq of course. Bodeans is a small chain specialising in chin wiping,  mouth dribbling ribs,  pulled pork and bbq sauce. 

After a southern comfort,  a hot buttered cider, a woo woo and with teeth full of burnt ends I found a short train home.

I will add that I awoke fresh and with not the slightest headache.  So the morale here is to stick with hot buttered cider and woo woos when I next go to the pub.  I fear my local won't understand me.

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