Lifestyle:To Become more Scraper than Brush

I have decided to start the New Year as I mean to go on, with a new loo brush.  In fact not so much a brush as a scraper.  Its arrow shaped head will zone in on debris with laser sharpness leaving behind pristine cleanliness.  Well that’s what the spiel said.  With its bristle-less head there is nowhere for detritus to attach and being impregnated with silver it’s apparently antibacterial.  Instead of a rigid core to the head this device is flexible.  The fact that this gadget arrived on New Year’s Eve by courier from my favourite channel and I opened it on New Year’s Day I see as symbolic.  I am being told to become more like  a  toilet scraper, and to wear more silver.   This second point I shall hint heavily to Mr Him. 

In the meantime, instead of keeping for special occasions, I shall  wear the de rigour silver bracelet bearing charms donated by loved ones as reminders of their love and of the memories that they celebrate; the one from my parents from Christmas 2011, the one from my in-laws for that special birthday. 

I will also obtain the toilet scraper's flexibility.  To do so  I have booked myself on to a yoga course for beginners.  I have the mat, I have had the mat for many years, it’s now time to go out there and obtain the bendability of a worm.   

Like a brush, too often the issues of family life stick to me with the tenacity of tissue paper and as family members could tell you this leaves me very bristly.   For their sanity, and mine,  I need to make a clean sweep rather than brushing half ineffectively.  

This means that if I can’t persuade my 16 year old to add more quotations to her English essay or to let me teach her how to calculate the angle of Y then I should let go and move on.  I won't stress what I can't change.  I also won’t try to do everything myself but I do need to be precise if I want help.  My cry for assistance should be  like the arrowhead of the scraper, to the point rather than the prickly hints that I am in the habit of giving.  

I will do my best in the future to be more toilet scraper than brush. I suppose at least there are reminders dotted around in the small rooms of the house. 

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