The Dinosaur who came to Lunch

All dressed up was I, well casually smart,  well OK in jeans and a new top,  to entertain my grown up daughter and her boyfriend to lunch.

Inspired by our Kansas barbecue meal in London Mr Him made a barbeque sauce,  heavy on the bourbon.  Not all the bourbon made it into the sauce, I might add.  I made a blackberry crumble,  heavy on the crumble.  That's a crunch to those readers across the internet village pond (Atlantic Ocean.)

The door bell rang and on our doorstep was a green dinosaur. Yes the young online shopping genius had been shopping again and once again showing her said genius.  She arrived in what appeared to be the latest arrival of her winter wardrobe from China. She was sporting what she described as a  dinosaur onesie, but I still think she ordered a Chinese Dragon. 

Now bearing in mind that the young online shopping genius is ahead of the curve,  as we've established in many a previous blog,  it suggests that we will all be wearing this next winter for visiting family for Sunday lunch.   

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