The Garden Gnome

My daughter was inspired when it came to giving us a Christmas present this year.  Her inspiration was based on the perception that I had everything else, but not one of these.  She was absolutely correct.  I had managed to reach my mutton years without having such an item.  Then bam, on Christmas day we, Mr Him and I, became the proud carers of a Garden Gnome!  Wearing a pink jumper.  

I am not gnomaphobic, but up to that moment I had aimed for a natural look in my garden.  My daughter had other aspirations. 

My herbaceous borders are weeded but not neatly edged.  I have overflowing lavender and my geraniums spill in a rugged heap from the beds onto the lawn to show the raw nature of my design. I admit my arrangements do contain the odd ornamental goose, sheep, toad, meercats (yes meercats on springs, from my parents) and chicken.  These are of nature, including the meercats on springs.   They are at one with the rambling heather and unbridled lavender.    There is nothing natural about a Garden Gnome in a pink jumper!

In previous blogs I have described my 20 year old as an on line shopping genius.  In  buying me a blush adorned gnome for my feral look garden it appears she is once again right up there, on trend.

Looking on line, I find that garden gnomes are back, and in a big way according to one website.   They are being cast as the epitome of tradition as a counter to the modern technological world. In May 2013 garden gnomes even reappeared at the Chelsea Flower Show having been banned for the last 100 years.  Garden gnomes, apparently, are no longer the object of ridicule, no longer considered an eyesore and what's more myth has them as figures of good fortune and optimism when indoors or in one's garden.  For the moment he is poking his head from around a tree in the back garden, looking rustic, and I will thank my online shopping genius for being ahead of the curve and for providing our household with an object of good fortune and fashion.  

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