Aid in My Kitchen

On offer today on a certain shopping channel is a food mixer.   Yes I succumbed a year ago snd admit to finding it's smooth curves compelling and carressable.  This is accentuated by the coolness of its body to my touch.  There's therapy in stroking this machine. Bubble wrap with oomph.  I feel reassured,  comforted even,  just by resting my hand across its cool exterior and cupping its rounded body.
Baking! Bah!
Mr Him has used it to make several batches of brownies.  I've used it for stroking,  mixing Eton mess,  stroking, (which reminds me, whipping cream), making a crumble mix,  stroking, knocking up a few Victoria sponges and mixing my Calico fudge (which is another story.)  To slide the lever to one, to two, and let it gently whir whilst I am freed to measure up my next ingredient is bliss.  I no longer need its lightweight brother,  the hand mixer,  which required my guidance to behave in its whipping.  No, my stand mixer is obedient.  Its swishing compliant arms liberate me to load the dishwasher. 
Even though one is homed in my kitchen   I still watch the presenter spin her magic.  Its tempting, oh so tempting, to tap the app again, but that would be silly wouldn't it. 

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