Over to You Dear Reader... Cupboard Love

I am not alone!  My dear reader, Jo, has sent me pictures of her overflowing storage facilities.  She describes her home as a particular shopping channels 'other warehouse'.

Jo  welcomes her guests to a display of well appointed jars on her spare room dressing table. If I were her guest the lips would speak to me 'help yourself, pamper, indulge.'  Well that would be my excuse for having a full-on facial  in her spare room. 

 Unlike me Jo manages to tuck away her purchases behind closed doors.  The  hinges can be seen on the right of the pic.  Once again I have dressing table envy, or cupboard love, I haven't decided which way to go on that one yet.

Here Jo is also talking my language, a wardrobe for beads and bangles.  I also have this cupboard (no envy required) and adore it.  Of course it was available on a certain shopping channel, along with the contents (purchasesd separately...disclaimer)

Nicola, on the other has such bursting wardrobe space she had to buy extra rails. Her sequins and lace crammed to squeaking point.  Oh, ladies, why do we need so much!

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