In honour of the Mighty Feline

Today is National Cat Day, apparently.  In honour of the mighty feline I have had to put aside today’s planned blog and devote the page to the Cat. I know many of you would have preferred to see how to make fudge but let’s leave that for another day. 

I will state now that I did not buy my cats from my beloved shopping channel.  I didn’t even buy them. I did donate as they are rescues.  As this blog is about making use of my purchases (acquisitions in the case of the cats) I will show you how I have used my cats today.

This might be a small blog post.
I have used my cat to keep my laptop case warm.

Also to test the efficiency of the boiler

 To colour match washing

 To hide a spill on the floor

To teach me yoga
Over to your cats.  This is Hermione.  She's a rescue who's job is to be adored by reader Ali.
Nicola's cat is very useful for testing the for the perfect softness of grass.
Meanwhile Jem's Rufus keeps her busy by doing her online shopping from our fav shopping channel for her.

    Followed by the unpacking.

Now that's what I call useful!

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