The Brave Male Cohorts

Friday and the train breathed deeply and relaxed.  Men abandoned their office uniformity for logo t-shirts and jeans. 

 Mr Him adorned himself in his favourite fruit, Mandarin, and I dressed in gaudy (and mascara.) 

In my office the men threw aside their baby blue in stripes, checks and plain for lurid, for on Thursday The email arrived.  

This particular email made laptops shudder on desks.  Keyboards rattled in horror.  Fingers tapped 'do we have to? ' 'who's idea is this? ' 'huh!' and 'What,  every Friday? ' Some immediately put in a holiday request for the next day, some put in a holiday request for every Friday going forth and one requested immediate early retirement.

The email went along the lines of:

'let's instigate shocking shirt Fridays.  Set aside your office blues for brights.'

So we did. 

So did some brave male cohorts, those not on leave. 


  1. The casual fridays are wonderful, always fun.

  2. You can always guarantee that us men will have at least one dodgy shirt in our wardrobe! I think I threw out my hibsicus shirt - I'd better check.

  3. men's t shirts here usually feature guns, dogs, deer, trucks, boats, fishing, motorcycles, sports teams, and uncomplimentary slogans about the President. Mine are mostly guns. I'd have the one's about the President too but my wife doesn't like the language on them.

  4. My partner would HAVE to have Fridays off forever more. He doesn't do gaudy. And isn't a conformist. Really he isn't. He likes baby blue and gentle mud...

  5. Takes me back to my working days.... dress down Friday came along after I retired. We had a dress code that was so rigid a person wasn't permitted to wear denim... in any way, shape or form. I bet now that folks would flaunt their flamboyancy every Friday.

  6. I think I would rather see those men in their usual shirts and suits. There are enough huge bellies in unsuitable t shirts down here in Hastings on a sunny day.....

  7. I've always thought the male office species is rather drab. Shocking shirt Fridays sound fun.

  8. Since retirement there seem to be more and more Fridays every week. I couldn't figure out how to follow your site so I put you on my blogroll at "Trainride Of The Enigmas". I sure like how you write.

  9. This is a fun idea, a twist on casual Friday's!


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