Mr Him Does Like Gardening

Mr Him doesn't like gardening, dear reader. He doesn't like mowing yet he fusses about putting stripes in the lawn. 

He doesn't like roses, they give him hayfever, and yet chased a sales assistant around the garden centre to track down roses for our garden last Sunday.  He selected a chocolate variety.  Unfortunately not The Roses Chocolates variety.

Mr Him doesn't like gardening yet wrote out a garden centre shopping list  (Roses, lavenders, honeysuckle  and a big pot for a palm,) two weeks ahead of our visit. 

Mr Him doesn't like gardening yet bought himself a nifty gardening cap last Sunday,  and immediately christened it. 

Mr Him doesn't like gardening yet notes that his plug fuscias are no longer plug and are in bud.  

Mr Him doesn't like gardening but has consulted experts on why his jasmine and frangipani won't flower.  

Mr Him doesn't like gardening but fed his new honeysuckle  with liquid fertiliser. 

Mr Him doesn't like gardening yet the yogurt churner says all Mr Him talks about are his plants. 

Mr Him doesn't like gardening but has a Gardening Centre loyalty card that gives him us a free beverage once a month . He insists we use it going forth. I'll look forward to that.  

I like Mr Him gardening.  


  1. Lucky you my Mr Him stops after mowing the lawn. Your garden looks lovely.

  2. Good thing he doesn't like gardening. I wish that my Mr Him felt the same way about housework.
    Mine does like gardening - so long as it involves pruning and/or poison. Weeding? Not so much.

  3. I don't like gardening. I used to drive the truck into town, get the things my wife needed, do the digging and leg work but that was it. Then we got chickens and they destroyed everything so we gave up on flowers and all. Good chickens!

  4. I'm with him. I garden because I want the garden to look good, not because I enjoy it. Not only a flat cap but wellies too - he's taking it seriously. I like the rose colour - I haven't seen one like that before.

  5. It's no fun when you have to do it. I'm lucky... I don't have a lawn (only a communal one which a hired gardener mows) so I just have a small patio garden to keep tidy. I find it quite therapeutic to go out and plant or deadhead.

  6. My Mr. loves gardening - but since we left the farm and travel in our motorhome, he seldom gets the opportunity. He'd love to work alongside of your Mr. Him for a day or so.... (methinks your Mr. Him doth protest too much ;-)

  7. Me do not like gardening, I break out in hives whenever I am playing ths garden. Maybe gardening does not like me?

  8. I do most of the gardening here, mainly because DL does not know the difference between a trillium and a weed.

  9. I have one of those also.......a Mr. Him who doesn't like gardening, but has been busy in the garden?


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