An Idea for Mr Him

Yesterday, dear reader,  saw the global, interstellar, intra-galactic and  trans-meridian launch of my second blog.  It has had one reader. You could be second! This blog is my more serious one. It's about clothing because I am an international fashionista, am I not? No need to answer.  

To just give you a taster and get you into the mood of clicking on Mutton Years Style and I, lets just reflect on Mr Him's clothing sensations. 

When dear reader are you launching your style blog,  for we all must have one. It's quite the thing nowadays.

 Let's just all hold hands for a moment and spend a moment hoping hard together and loudly that Mr Him does not start a style blog. 

On second thoughts, there's an idea!

PS Mr Him vets all my blogs and approves this publication


  1. I laughed out out! It has taken me ages to realise that is a towel under the bath robe.. and not a sarong (a la beckham!) fabulous xxxx

  2. Style? Something which has been undone on my to-do list for a loooong time.

  3. Style?... I prefer "class".... heck a girl can be classy even when wearing steel-toed boots and a hardhat. Now Mr. Him has STYLE... but I'm not sure about class ;-)

  4. It all about being comfortable in my books.

  5. I think the dressing gown and towel says it all!!

  6. I started a second blog - Bombastic Battleaxe - but only kept it going for a few months. Being a Person Into Senior Style (what a load of PISS), I will definitely look at your new one. Mr Him looks marginally more stylish than the Philosopher who hangs out in our house....


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