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Wednesday, dear reader, Britain hit 37c, in July.  It was a record. Bodies were dripping onto pavements, staff Petra went missing to scavenge  lollies from the IT department for us herself.  The giveaway was the strawberry stain around her mouth. I wrapped myself in my fouta to ward off the Arctic blast of air con directed at me.  

Meanwhile in Sussex my online shopping genius daughter had her own adventure.  As you know, if you've been reading since December, she's a dental nurse.  She sent me the following Facebook message with pics. This is her story.  

Wanna know what I did for lunch?
The dentist, therapist and we two nurses ran off half an hour early....
Sneaked around the corner and scrambled into this...

And went for a drive...

 And found a nice little pub with these outside...

And we went through a small little town (somethinghurst?) that had a traditional scarecrow competition outside their houses, which in this modern day has escalated to E.T, Harry potter, Mary pottpins, Easter bunny, hulk, minions, everything! Outside people's houses! Huge! Poking out of trees and everything! It was soo bazaar!!

Then we returned back to the surgery relaxed  with receptionist sitting awkwardly with all the patients in the waiting room...
"Had a nice meeting?"

 ..."yes, very important meeting" and we scurried on upstairs to get changed.


  1. A relaxed dentist, and relaxed dental nurses and therapist has to be a good thing - for the patient. Tense staff are scary. And I am a very, very tense dental patient.

  2. Getting away, to a nice pub for lunch is a great way to relax, especially with that heatwave.

  3. Hey... I want to see those scarecrows!

    1. co-incidentally she took herself back yesterday to show her boyfriend and bombarded my in box with pics. You know what the next blog will be:)

  4. Does Sussex look like "Midsomer Murders"? Because I want to go to a town that looks like that and then pretend I live there.

  5. Life is so for living in the moment!

  6. lets hope it wasn't too liquid a lunch!!

  7. Sounds like a great "meeting." We often hold our "meetings" in pubs. I'm looking forward to these upcoming pictures of the scarecrows.

  8. Sounds like a great day. Sometimes you have to do these things just for sanity and to stay 'cool'!

  9. Now I know why the dentist always keeps me waiting at least half an hour. Presumably he wears that mask to hide his give-away winey breath - and I did wonder why he drilled the wrong tooth last time....

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