Putting Mr Him to the Test

Dear reader, you will remember (if you read tower-of-london-and-kansas-barbecues ) that Mr Him went to  London and had the audacity to stay in a hotel and send me home after dinner. Well this week I was at a conference and, to my delight, held at that very same venue. I would be able to test Mr Him's employer's theory that  it's not possible to return home after a day working in this location. What luck.

The hotel in question is next to Tower Bridge and backing on to St Katherine's Dock.  On day one, I worked and found time to tour the docks and having done so return home. 

There had to be one didn't there, Starbucks

The following day I worked  a full day, took in some views of Tower Bridge, and returned home. 

On the third evening, I stretched the test.  After work and what's more after dark, I joined fellow delegates for a delicate evening of champagne guzzling and mini burger scoffing at a wine bar across the river. 

After said guzzling and scoffing I was still able to make my way home with a meander through a London nightscape.

On the fourth day I told Mr Him of my adventures and conclusions.  I now need to write up my experiment with results, statistics and the controls  for him to give his employer when he's asked to stay again. 


  1. What a lovely trip! Great pictures, by the way.

    I love the title of your blog (your descriptions makes me think we might be sisters...).

  2. Mr. Him's assertions have been thoroughly tested and proved wrong... if his employer is also convinced you should seriously consider becoming a corporate negotiator. Brava!

  3. lovely photos! Thanks for the heads up on Peguins, great to know.

  4. Hello Anna! Just found your blog. You sound like a woman after my own heart!


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