Paunch for sale, free woo woo

Dear reader,  I confess.  Having nagged Mr Him and put him on a diet,  one in which he has not lost a single pound in 3 months, I've put on 7 pounds. In a week.  Aren't we doing well!  Yes, no. Diet a la Anna will not be a best seller.  
Mr Him's protein cereal for stamina (he'll need it to stay on this diet)

Over this last week I have been a lady who lunches 4 times and three of those with desserts.  There was the vanilla ice cream over which I poured a hot espresso (I recommend) in Carluccio's.  There was a cheesecake at a gourmet pub (I also recommend) and there was a lemon meringue pie in Harvester on mothering Sunday (I recommend two too two).  Well if you can't have a dessert on mothers day then when,  Christmas!  I have to say desserts do not linger on my plate long enough for photos.  They move at high speed and become a bit of a blur,  as below.  

For main courses this week I have enjoyed ravioli dripping in butter,  mushroom risotto,  pork belly and mash,  and chargrilled chicken breast and chips.  Have I had starters?  You bet! A salad platter to share dripping in oil, and a pate  in a pot with crusty bread.  
Alcohol?  Yes.

So this calorific intake is all stored  for future use.  My body is not so much a temple but an over crowded attic.  There is only one thing for it.   Paunch for sale.  Free woo woo


  1. I have an even bigger one going for free also...LOL Fun post..

  2. should have said I also have a very serious issue that prevents me from losing weight, I am allergic to exercise!!! Honestly I am......

    1. So is Mr Him. I was until i discovered Badbackminton, and yoga for mayors.

  3. I adhere to a very strict regimen: If the thought of exercise crosses my mind I lay on the couch until it passes.

    You didn't see me. How do I know? You still have your sight!


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