My New Money Savvy Pillowcase

A most delightful surprise was in my bed on Sunday.  Now dear reader this is not going where you hope.  I am instead going to tell you about my magic pillowcase. I had ordered myself a special (I hadn't realised how special) pillow case.  It arrived last week, rose pink in colour and satin in feel. Sumptuous.

 It has a little secret pocket, in case you need a secret pocket at night for secret things.

On Saturday night I slept on said pillowcase and to my delight the witch and gargoyle who visit occasionally frequently daily were warded off by the satin sheen, as promised by the blogging community,  Wrinkles were at bay, and frightened upended hair hushed. I awoke all woman and not gargoyle. However the delights of the pillow didn't stop there.  Later in the day I lifted the pillow to shake out any gathered wrinkles and found money.  £400.  Mr Him decided at that point to put his order in for 50 pillowcases.  The speed at which he went on line would only be surpassed by warp drive.

Was my Savvy Sleeper really that savvy?  It turns out disappointingly that no it did not conjure cash.  Just as Mr Him and I were putting the finishing touches to an enterprising business plan the Young Online Shopping Genius texted me to ask if I found the money that she owed me placed under my pillow.

Enterprising business plan is in recycling.


  1. Discovered your blog last night from a comment you'd left somewhere . Naturally this morning I can't remember where. Anyway, I love your posts, very amusing, and wanted you to know that I've bookmarked your posts in my "fave favourites" list, the highest honour on my iPad!! Have a lovely weekend. Penny L in Dorset

    1. Thank you so much Penny. Just the encouragement I needed:)

      Anna in Sussex :)


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