A Crinkled Lay in Brighton by the sea

This week found me sitting beside my sixteen year old as she was accommodated in a hospital bed in Brighton.  The least of my concerns was what to wear but at the same time I wanted to look partly presentable.  I wanted to tread the fine line between using old clothes but were also stylish enough for the fashionista middle age woman that I am. 

Coincidentally I had just rearranged my drawers Marie Kondo style so, in a hurry, I was able to cobble together outfits.  Laying the clothes concertina style in a drawer meant I could quickly select tops to match a couple of oversized cardigans (layering was essential given unknown temperature of the ward.)

Loved and Squashed tops

I should add as a point of note that I haven't read Marie Kondo's book but from the Internet I do know that you feel and love your clothes.  Throw out those you don't have a love-in with and squash the ones you do love sideways. Well that's my interpretation, and it worked. My clothes are squashed and readily visible, sideways. 

Another Internet instagram phase is flat lay photos.  As you can imagine the chance of a chaotic person like myself achieving a flat lay would be impossible.  For myself and other random fashionistas I have invented the 'Crinkle' Lay which lends itself to my photographic style as well as wrinkles. 

Crinkle Lay

My overnight stay wardrobe (as pictured in my crinkle lay) consisted of
1 pair of jeans
1 white vest (tank) top
1 long navy cardigan
1 long beige cardigan
1 beige scarf for warmth and to style as necessary. 
2 necklaces

We were on a cliff side.  Many hospitals in the UK are built on cliffsides. It makes navigation challenging and if you don't arrive with a mental breakdown and swollen joints you leave with it.  A success story I believe it's called. 

The view of Brighton from the ward was quite gorgeous looking down from the panoramic window.  Being there at dawn to dusk brought some photo opportunities that I could not pass up.  

To the right

Straight ahead

Ahead left

The view on the bus going to the hospital not so gorgeous and a photo opportunity I should have passed up.

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