Serious one - The Glasses Dilema

I've recently been reminded of how I'm aging.  Sadly its badly, it appears once I can see the full visage of my face.   On Saturday I put in contact lenses for the first time in,  oh so many years, and was greeted with a full facial frontal in the mirror.  Seeing myself clearly, without the obscuring by poor vision or the camouflage of glasses, was a shock.   I was in blissful ignorance,  and quite happy in that state. Now the unveiling has occurred. I aged ten years in five seconds.  

When I have photos taken I religiously remove my glasses as an act of vanity.  A friend of mine insists on putting hers on,  equally from vanity.  Her claim,  they hide the wrinkles and bags. I now see, too well,  her point.  Yet I'm not fully persuaded. The answer could be in the style of glasses.  To that end I decided that I'd invest in a new pair.   I was tempted by safe thin gold frames but persuaded,  (and it took a lot, well to be exact it took the phrase 'less aging' as a sales pitch), to buy bold,  purple,  eek, frames.  

Yet perhaps the optician was right.  I've since noticed that the younger generation are flagrant in their frames choice.  They are not attempting to conceal with frame-less lenses as I had been prone to do in recent years.   In fact the frame-less glasses do seem to have become the preserve of the older generation.  So with that in mind I confirmed my order for bold and beautiful, purple, 'on your face' and proud frames. 

Below are my before and after are my purposefully unglamorous, naked face pics.  I know what I think looks younger.  How about you?


Now the contact lens dilemma. I would like to wear contact lenses more often but what to do about the face?   Seeing the busyness of my face in all its wrinkly glory I'm now wondering whether my hair should be in a more restful state to compensate.  Is long fluffy hair too youthful for my 101 chasms?  Answers at bottom of page please. 

As for the wrinkles and bags, is there no answer to blurring them away? I've tried many a concealer but they all seem to sit in the cracks and make me look like a parched dessert landscape.  With all on show  distraction will have to be my friend; and I have the perfect distraction.  My fluffy hair!  With a pop of bold lipstick and a regular flip of my tresses I could get away with lenses,  perhaps. 

In go the lenses,  on go the reading glasses.  Oh, didn't I mention I can't see when I'm wearing lenses!


I proudly wore the new glasses to work and had several compliments.  I even kept them on when giving a presentation to office newbies, feeling youthful and sassy.  As an aside I noticed that with bold, in your face frames I needed a subtle lip colour.  

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