Iridescence of Grey and Whipped Cream

Valentines.  How was yours?  My Instagram and Facebook community made me feel inadequate as usual. Fifty percent of the news feed was full of fluffy couples dressed in finery and feasting out on love at sumptuous places. The other half of my newsfeed contained women bravely heading out to see Fifty Shades'. 

How about me,  well my day started with a call from my mother wishing me happy birthday,  to which I said 'it's not my birthday.'  She went on to fill me with Valentines love by saying  'oh yes,  I remember going in to have you and it was valentines and I sat on the hospital bed crying.'  Well that was that then.  An explanation. I had brought her to tears and wasn't even born yet. The day could only get better and it did with a cup of tea in bed and a box of Lindor chocolates from Mr Him. 

Mr Him also bought us a cheery bunch of roses.

 I gave him Fifty shades of Puzzle,  as you know. He tells me he truly did not know what to say.  I do not believe he's yet appreciating that months after my Lindor chocolates have been consumed he will still be able to gaze upon this unique and wonderous work of art.  (see how the wonderous work of art is placed in a discrete manner against a wall in the far distance, not distant enough for Mr Him I might add.)

We had a meal for two at home with sparkling rose wine. Boring I know,  but to liven things up  I did paint my nails an iridescent shade of grey and Mr Him served me whipped cream on my dessert. 

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