Mint Sauce and Zimmerframe

Mr Him has been on a trip again.  Not just 40 minutes away with an excuse to stay in a hotel this time.  No on this occasion he understands what a business trip is and had journeyed 5 hours away from home to experience it.  (See Tower of London and Kansas Barbecues )

I decided to take advantage of his absence.  On Sunday I dressed in my best mint sauce outfit (note the Renee scarf) and invited myself to a relatives for a roast lamb lunch insisting  it needed me as an accompaniment.   I followed the lamb with a profiterole. As I am on a diet I also had a weight watchers cheesecake.  

On Tuesday I dressed as a Lady who Suppers (note Renee black infinity scarf.)

and went to Prezzo where I ate another profiterole.  

Wednesday evening I wined and nibbled at a reception in London.  Please note that whilst others,  unnamed,  may treat London as a trip and insist on a hotel I made my way home again, after eating spiced feta pastries, samosas, satay chicken and a cherry tomato.

Thursday evening I had a family meal with the young online shopping genius,  automotive engineer and my youngest daughter.  We ate and we talked.  My oldest told me she'd missed lunch as she was on a conference call.  I immediately decided I must be close to retirement if my daughter's that old and important.  She then consulted me on when she should have her first child.  I excused  myself from the table and put my zimmerframe on order. 

Yesterday Mr Him returned from his tripcation. 

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