In the last blog I introduced you to Needlework Natalie. A few months ago she approached me causing me to become all a splutter.  She asked me, and I  might say her look of innocence was a prize performance,  'do you do any sport? '

As you can imagine I shook my head vigoursly once the splutters had subsided. Well, Natalie has a way with words.  She weaves them in and out and backstitches them so upside down they look forwards and before I knew it I do do sport.  Badminton. 

Now every Sunday we venture to the court and play shuttlecock pickup.  We generally win 2 games each in an hour. For the last 10 minutes we play with our wrong hand so as we don't become one-sided Popeyes.  This makes us look demented but evens out our arm circumference.  I do feel overcome with a need to explain to others on the courts what we're doing.   

Last Sunday we played an adaption that I found I was very good at, Badbackminton. I had tweaked my back lifting a bin bag that morning but decided kill or cure,  I'd play.  Badbackminton consisted of me playing less vigorously and standing still. As the points mounted in my favour,  2-1, 5-2, 11-3 I realised I was brilliant.  Before I knew it I had 3 games in the bag.  Needlework Natalie was exhausted.  

Sadly, our precious feather shuttlecock later saw its demise.  My puppy took it from my bag and I found it chewed in her bed.  I assume it was the puppy and not Needlework Natalie in anger.


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