When seeing red in the city is a good thing

Dear reader,  this week I attended a conference in the city of London.  The subject was payments and how I would be shopping in Europe online sometime soon. As an intrepid shopaholic I found it necessary to explore this subject for the well being of my Guess purse.  Oh it was worth it dear reader.  I discovered in the future I may be able to  shop on Rodeo Drive from my settee in Sussex. 

Over the years I have seen the attire of the city loosen enormously from stand up collars and pearls to, well, just pearls, from striped shirts and red braces to sod the braces I'll wear a belt. 

So you can imagine my delight at witnessing flamboyance emerging from the city quarter. Mingling amongst the grey and black I saw a glimmer of spring as a jacket that would put  Hampton Court flower show to shame bobbed around the hall, swaying not so much in the breeze but from the after conference aperetifs.   The red braces of the 1980s were replaced by red bags, red glasses frames, red big bold statement jewellery,  red ties,  red belts and nails, well red, or pink, anything the delegates thought they could get away with.  


The conference attendees  were  a reflection of their city,  red buses and telehone boxes reflected in the garnish that they wore. 

For my part I wore a navy skirt and a delightful blouse with rams heads all over, and peals, of course.    As for the blouse well,  in city parlance I didn't have one with a bull,  bear or stag on so rams had to do. Oh and as I hadn't had the foresight to wear red  I grabbed a bowl of strawberries to accessorise my outfit. 

The next day I went for the 'Scandal'  look and wore a pearl necklace and pearl earrings.  How decadent is that!  Also a silk scarf.  I was really rocking the 'city'. I didn't stop there,  I adorned my wrist with a bronze starfish. 

I left the conference with the promise of my online shopping experience expanding and a vow to dig out my red bag and make full use of it. 

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