The Gargoyle, the Witch and the Vertical food, (not by CS Lewis)

It's been a busy week.  I was at a conference in London for 2 days. (see When seeing red in the city is a good thing.) I went to a Christmas market, a wine tasting and it was  the young online shopping genius 20th this week for which I purchased a meal.  Being the mother of a 20 year old requires some commiseration and lots of face cream.  This has been emphasised by the appearance of The Witch to a mirror near me  in the mornings.

Followers on twitter will be aware that she had been visiting me in the mornings.  I found her lurking behind glass, any glass that I wandered past.  She was incredibly opportunistic.  The first time I spotted her she had hair like twigs, sort of prongs protruding  at all angles.  Her eyes were wide with a crazed stare.  On the first occasion she had disappeared by the time I had emerged from the bathroom.  Once she became more persistant she would remain all day, and follow me to work.  I do warn you, dear reader, as many of my twitterati claim to have seen her in their bedrooms.  Women tend to be her victims.  

One day   I saw her on the platform at the station as I waited for my train.  Again she was behind glass. However the authorities seem to be aware as there was a warning on the front page of the paper. 

I have not figured out her purpose other than sheer fright.   One of my readers advised me that his gran was visited by the witch and she found vanishing cream effective. A work colleague suggested that covering all mirrors with a cloth at night may work.

I have tried many potions, pentagrams and  spells,  Some from my favourite channel over the last few weeks but the witch's wrinkles are chasmous and numerous and the hair too crusty.   She needed a good hair day and she wasn't getting it from me. 

Then one day last weekend I   had my hair cut.  The witch disappeared but I am now visited by a gargoyle.  This causes me to burst into raucous laughter every morning which is a better start to the day.  Having dealt with the witch I was more readily able to enjoy The Birthday even if I was laughing manically.   Well when you're old enough to have a 20 year old there is no point in worrying about The Witch so might as well laugh at the Gargoyle, whilst the teeth remain. 

For the young online shopping genius' birthday, who incidentally is not visited by a witch or gargoyle, we went out for a meal at Zizzi.  This is a chain in  UK specialising in Italian food.  

The young online shopping genius decided that as she had eaten horizontal food for the first 20 years of her life she would now try vertical food.  It tasted the same, dear reader. 

For those of you interested in attire and adornments I made use of a Tiana B dress and Lola Rosa beads from The Channel with a splash of red on my nails, of course.  

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