War of the Worlds on Woking

A few weeks ago I witnessed the Shard looking as if it  had a leading part in a interplanetary conflict that would do HG Wells proud. Alternatively it was practicing for a the Christmas episode of Dr Who and flexing its muscles to take on a Dalek.

Yesterday Mr Him and I  went to see, or rather hear, HG Well's planetary  battle, Jeff Wayne's musical version of The War of the Worlds was on in Brighton.  The show was fabulous and made even more so by the presence of the live, 3d, in the flesh Jason Donavon, and conducted by Jeff Wayne himself.

HG Wells wrote the story when he lived in a Victorian house in Woking. The concept apparently was what would happen if there was an alien invasion on Horsell Common, near Woking. Now until the arrival of Carluccios I was with Wellsy on that one.  Would the world notice an alien invasion on Woking or even care?  I know Woking very well and am glad to say that now that Carluccio's has opened there I would be one of the first to defend the town, well Carluccio's, in any such battle.  Prior to the opening of Carluccio's I was preparing to build my own Voyager and summon the Martians myself.  In the town's defense, it is the only one I know with a, dare I say life-size, Martian in its town centre.

The Woking Martian Tripod

Woking, an unlikely town hero is also  Malice in The Jam's Town called Malice.

As for the the clothes thing.  I wore the Dolce & Gabana suede skirt seen in the 'blouse and roast potatoes' blog,  the scarf from the wine blog,  necklace from '30 divided by zero' blog.  Don't say I don't recycle.  Added to the mix is a new viewing for you but 2 year old purchase of mine,  Renee cascade twinset in black.

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